Wu_Jia_Pi.jpgWu Jia Pi (Acanthopanax, Eleutherococcus Root Bark) ["Bark of Five Additions"]

Category: Expel Wind-Damp (and Strengthen Tendon-Bone)
Nature : Warm
Flavors: Acrid, Bitter
Channels: LR,KI

Functions: Eliminate Wind & Damp; Strengthen tendons & bones
Indications: 1. Bi-syndrome w/ weakness of the lumbar region and knee due to attack of wind-damp due to wind-damp, ensures smooth flow of Qi
2. Soreness and weakness due to KI & LR deficiency [Warms & Tonifies LR & KI], Retardation in walking in children [particularly good for elderly and children]
3. Edema & difficult urination
4. Helpful for fractures, Stopping pain,Transforms damp and reduces swelling
5. Strengthens the Yang Qi of the body

Dosage: 5-15g.
Contra:See the Herb Ci Wu Jia/ Wu Jia Shen which is part of this herb
Often Combined w/ Sang Ji Sheng