'Alternative due to inability to explain w/ paradigm of biomedicine
oscillators within & without of self influence the field making it difficult to remain a simple measurable constant energy

Felt by every cell of the body to help maintain regulations - not just fields but carry/communicate @ the speed of light

"Electromagnetic Bioinformation" - Fitz Popp - beyond the mechanical concepts of energy
reminescent of 'vital force' in ayurveda and naturopathy
Differs as it's testable and beyond mere philosophy

A biophysical Model of Life
-Life as an open system echanging matter and energy
-Dissipative structure, expends energy to maintain itself
-Responds to extremely low-energy fields, including EMF, both natural and artificial
-Extremely subtle levels of energy can change dynamics & promote healing
Human genome contains less DNA than a grain of rice does

Two Views:
-Biochemical view: waste energy, just an excretion akin to urine
-Biophysical view: essential to body regulation

-Qi, Prana, Ki, etc.
-Morphogenetic fields: Driesch, Gurvich
-Biofield: Bischef, Popp, Van Wijk, Savva, Zhang, Tiller, Rubik

A reflection of life processes on a collective scale
-high speed communication field
-"Has to be something that brings coherence to the organism"
-"No clear boundary exists between the organisms metabolically maintained EMF and those of the geophysical environment" - Frank Brown

Schuman resonance - essential to health of humans - needed to be added to space shuttles
"Electromagnetic bio-information" - great effects by very low magnetic energy devices
- less is more in biofield modalities - less energy has a greater effect - akin to homeopathy

May regulate the biochemistry & physiology of the body
May hold the bridge between the body and the mind

geocosmobiology, the many ways to stimulate acupoints, numerous alt. meds that work on this level

Shifts in the biofield preced a cascade of symptomolgy on the physical level.

Ways to measure:
Electrodermal measurements, infrared photography, measure biophoton emission, measure ELF and other body emmisions
-PC-8 had a greater biophoton emission during Qigong healing

Assessment Technique by Rubik:
-GDV camera for biofield imaging - high frequency (1024hz), high voltage (16v), short impulse (10 micro s) - similar to kirlian photography but less shocking to the system, presents coronas of all ten finger tips
-EMAS for acupuncture meridian conductivity
-Bacterial growth assay to bioemission

Mendel studied kirlian photos and devised associated organ health to different regions of the finger corona
-Thumb and 3rd finger associated with the head

How does Qigong affect the biofield?
Dayan (wild goose) qigong: density increased 10% overall post qigong - variablility of the fractal form coefficient decreased [more cohesive - more uniformly dense corona]
Area & density went up while fractality ('sparkiness') went down
beginners saw the greatest change between pre & post
Healers had very bright & focused corona.
Similar results w/ yoga - 'beautifil circles of light'
stress states made this go away - increased fractality
bad mood = energy contracts but the pattern remains
varies according to time of day as well [correlates to the circulation of qi?]

Hypnotists hypnotizing eachother cause suggestive anethesis in one hand by drawing energy to opposite arm. the numbed hand had a larger corona than that the energy was moved to - this has yet to be explained.