Armorings have a segmental, circular structure, arranged at right angles to the spine.
This compared to the segmental structure of the worm

Ocular - blank eyes, staring / opening the eyes wide like during fright
Oral - Tight chin, not able to cry / crying
Larynx/Mastoid/tongue - movement of the Adam’s apple, stiff neck / Massage, *gag reflex*
Chest - elevation of body structure, chronic attitude of inhalation, shallow breathing immobility of thorax,
intercostal ticklishness / conscious, deep breathing, press on chest and have patient scream
Diaphragm/stomach/pancreas/liver - tight muscles, limited diaphragmic mobility / spontaneous diaphragm pulsation, conscious full breathing
Lower Abdomen - massage
Pelvis - allow for feeling and full release

See also Fascial Bands according to R. Louis Schultz, PhD

Link w/ Excercises
Map of Armor Segments

Map of Chakras

7 armor “segments”, correlate closely to the placement of chakras

Other Related Therapeutic Methods

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