ju_hua.jpgJu Hua (Chrysanthemum Flower, Flos Chrysanthemi)

Category: Acrid Cool Herbs to Release the Exterior
Nature: Slightly Cold
Flavor: acrid, sweet & bitter, aromatic
Channels: Liver, Lung

Functions: disperse wind and clears heat from the Liver & Lung; clean toxin; clear Liver to brighten eyes

1. fever, dizziness& headache due to wind-heat attack
2. Red, swollen and painful eye due to attack on the Liver by wind-heat or upward attack of Liver fire
3. Headaches & dizziness due to Liver wind stirring by hyperactivity of Liver Yang
4. Relieves toxicity
5. Carbuncles & boils

Pharmaceutical Effects:
Vasodilative - Increases blood perfusion to the coronary arteries, lowers blood pressure, and increases body temperature
Antibiotic - Shown to inhibit Staphyloccocus aureus, beta-hemolytic streptococcus and Shigella sonnei. At high doses it also has an inhibitory effect on leptospira.

Dose: 10 -15g.
Contra: N/A
Misc: For wind-heat, yellow chrysanthemum flower (Hang Ju Hua) is usually used, for calming LR & brightening eyes the white one (Chu Ju Hua) should be used