Western Diagnosis
varicosities of veins of hemorrhoidal plexus

often with inflammation, thrombosis, bleeding
1. may be internal or external
a. above or below anorectal line
b. internal from superior hemorrhoidal plexus
c. external from inferior hemorrhoidal plexus


1. weakness of veins
2. inc intra-abdominal pressure
---constipation, pregnancy, heavy lifting
3. liver disease - esp. internal
---drainage superior to anorectal line through portal system
---drainage inferior to anorectal line through portal or caval systems

Signs & Symptoms

1. itching, burning, pain, swelling, bleeding
2. often protrude
a. manually replaced
3. thrombosis
a. painful, hard swelling


1. inspection
2. rectal exam
3. anoscopy


1. add fiber and water to diet: psyllium seed & husk
2. treat liver
3. Kesey technique - positive galvanism: pushes fluids out of the tissue
4. vitamins. E, C, A
5. bioflavonoids
6. herbal washes
7. surgery



Er Bai, GV-1, GV-20

General Treatment

-Hot Sitz Bath followed by cold bath
-Cold Compress

Dietary Recommendations

High fiber diet to keep stools soft.

Phytotherapeutic Recommendations

-Ginkgo Biloba

Basic Gemmotherapeutic Treatment


Morning: Sorbus Domestica D1, 50-75 drops
Evening: Aesculus D1, 50-150 drops