-Scalding Bath (most effective treatment)

Dietary Recommendations

Use a cold as an opportunity to eliminate toxins from the body by drinking plenty of fruit and vegetable juices.
Avoid carbohydrates.

Recommended Minerals

-Zinc -reduces symptoms

Orthomolecular Treatment

-Active Lb.

Acupuncture Treatment

shallow insertion technique, rapid insertion and withdrawal technique are effective.
Acupucture Points For A Cold

B-11, GV-13, B12 and LI-11
moxa @ GV-13, GV-11, and B-11
moxa at beginning of symptoms is usually effective.

For Sneezing:
B-2 and LI-20

Sore Throat:
LU-5, T-17 and VC-22

Persistant Coughing:
moxa @ K-26 and LU-5

GB-10, B-9, and GV-19

High Fever (100.5+):
LI-11, LI-4, ST-41, and B-56
Apply the encircling technique of acupuncture at various sections of the body such as the shoulder, back and upper chest.