ChaiHu1.jpgChai Hu (Bupleurum) [“Twig of the Barbarians”]

Category: Acrid Cool Herbs to Release the Exterior
Nature: Slightly cold
Flavor: acrid & bitter
Channels: LR, GB, TB, PC [Wood, Jueyin, Fire & Shaoyang pairs]

Functions: Relieve Shaoyang syndrome & disperse wind-heat; soothes/moves LR & GB Qi, Lift Yang Qi
Ind: 1. alternating fever/chills, distention of chest & hypochondriac region, bitter taste in mouth, dry throat & dizziness in the Shaoyang syndrome
2. Distending pain in hypochondriac & costal region, headache, irregular menstruation or dysmenorrheal due to LR Qi stagnation
3. Prolapsed rectum or uterus, shortness of breath due to sinking SP Qi
4. Malaria

Dose: 3 -10g [up to 24g. – 3g lifts qi, 69g disperses wind-heat, 6-15 moves LR qi, 9-24 harmonizes the Shaoyang layer].
Contra: LR Yang rising due to yin def. of the LR & KI
Misc: Imperial herb for shaoyang syndrome;Primary herb for LR Qi stagnation; Guides to the brain
Often combined w/ Huang Qiu or Bai Shao

Formulas Featuring Chai Hu

Chief Herb
Xiao Chai Hu Tang (Minor Bupleurum Decoction)
Deputy Herb
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang