sp9.jpgSP9 Yin Ling Quan Spleen 9
Yin Mound Spring.
He Sea Point on the Spleen Channel. Water Point on Earth Meridian.


On the medial leg, on the inferior border of the medial condyle of the tibia, in the depression between the posterior border of the tibia and gastrocnemius muscle.

Point Summary

Regulates The Spleen and Stomach
Opens and Regulates the Water Passages
Regulates the Lower Burner
Drains Damp - Channel obstruction

Major point in regulating Blood - especially production
damp; diuretic point; tonifying damp and yang; all damp things; with CV-9 as diuretic


0.5-1.0 cun; Puncture Perpendicularly



Diagnostic Indications:

Abdominal Distention Abdominal Pain Ascites Beriberi Diarrhea Diarrhea with Undigested Food Dysuria Edema Edema Lower Body Genital Pain Intestinal Disorders Jaundice Knee Disorders Leg Pain Lumbar Pain Menses Irregular Nephritis Nocturnal Emissions Urinary Dysfunction Urinary Incontinence Urinary Tract Infection Urine RetentionHeavy Body Palpitations

Combination Examples

with SP-6 for damp heat; SP-3 is not a diuretic point, but SP-9 is.
diuretic point with CV-9, GB-26; for leucorrhoea

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies opposite internal organs: Spleen (right), pancreas (left), cerebellum, pons, pericardium, urethra, Gallbladder sphincter, prostate, opposite body same side, sacrum, medial thigh, central knee, sole.
Disperses the Stomach, Intestines, Bladder.
Dispersing acts in the opposite way.
Direct Effects:
Spleen (right point), pancreas (left point)
Opposite Effects:
All trouble of the abdominal and genitourinary organs ("of the middle and bottom").
Stomach: eructation, yawning, does not like food, vomiting, swelling of the epigastrium, cold of epigastrium and weakness in the cold; intestines in opposite side of abdomen; diarrhea after eating, explosive diarrhea with all the symptoms of cholera (bilious or sporadic cholera). Cholera: spasms, attacks of panting; peritonitis; intestinal pains, opposite; swollen abdomen in the cold with fullness of the sides.
Liver: jaundice from excess wine; beriberi.
Bladder sphincter: insufficiency, flaccidity, incontinence, loss of control of urine which is not felt to flow, urine coming out in torrents: tonify. Excess: opposite sphincter contracted - retention, hard abdomen, less urine: disperse; sand or stones in the Bladder; urethral inflammation, blenorrhea.
Opposite Kidney and ureter: tonify
Opposite sexual organs: pains; women: spasms and all tumors; vagina: inflammation; men: prostatitis, seminal loss.
Heat in the chest?
Parts of the Body
Body: external half, same side: medial upper limb and dorsal hand; inferior lumbar area sacrum; posterior hip joint; lower limb: medial thigh, rotator and adductor muscles; foot:sole

Psycho-Spiritual Components

There is a significant bearing on a mental level. A person may crave a tremendous amount of sympathy, "feel sorry for me." When the Earth is saturated nothing will grow. A person may feel bogged down, a lack of motivation. If there is too much water the Earth gets saturated and cloggy, and nothing can pass through. Edema causes restriction to movement, pain, massings of water - swelling in the knees, hands, feet, etc. There is general weakness of the whole body, pins and needles, jumping legs. If there is too little water, there is dryness, hardness, bitterness, and a lack of compassion. "I don't need it." - no sympathy is wanted. Best point for the knees with ST-35.
This point goes tender on women with hormonal or womb problems and it can be used to treat them. Fever with or wothout perspiration, sensation of cold in Stomach, General weakness of the whole body..[JRW]