sp6.jpgSP6 San Yin Jiao Spleen 6
Three Yin Intersection.
Meeting Point on the Spleen Channel with the Liver and Kidney Channels.


3 cun directly above the tip of the medial malleolus, on the posterior border of the medial aspect of the tibia.

Point Summary

Regulates The Spleen And Stomach
Drains Damp
Regulates the Liver Qi - emotional irritability
Regulates the Uterus and Menstruation
Regulates the Lower Burner
Regulates Urination
Calms the Spirit - by its relationship to Heart, enough Blood to house the Shen
Invigorates Blood
Activates the Channel
Benefits the Genitals

Reduces High Blood Pressure
Cools Blood, Clears Blood-heat - Skin disease
Alleviates Pain
Tonifies the Kidneys
Induces Labor

yin point; gyn point; strengthen SP, KD, yin, blood; moving in lower abdomen; calms the mind; all reproductive issues



0.5 - 1.0 cun


Puncture Perpendicularly


No needling or moxa during pregnancy.

General Indications


big yin point; big GYN point; strengthen SP; spreads the LV qi; benefits the KD; helps movement and transformation of SP qi; transforms qi stagnation in lower jiao; regulates blood; moves blood and eliminates stasis; nourishes blood yin and qi; stops pain


diseases of reproductive system; distension or pain in abdomen; diarrhea; hemiplegia; neurasthenia; eczema; urticaria; deficient and weak conditions of SP and ST; borborygmous; poor digestion; irregular menstruation; almost any reproductive system problem

Special Notes

3 yin crossing; contraindicated in pregnancy; with ST-36, BL-17, BL-20 to tonify blood;
w/ a yin qiao use KI-6;
w/ HT-7 for over thinking insomnia
w/ ST-27, BL-52, BL-23 for male repro issues

Diagnostic Indications:

Abdominal Distention Abdominal Pain Amenorrhea Borborygmus Diarrhea Digestive Disturbances Dizziness Dysmenorrhea Dysuria Eczema Edema Failure to Discharge Placenta Genital Pain Hemiplegia Hernia Hypertension Impotence Infertility Insomnia Labor Difficult Leg Muscle Atrophy Leg Pain Leg Paralysis Leukorrhea Menses Irregular Neurasthenia Nocturnal Emissions Reproductive System Disorders Urinary Dysfunction Urinary Incontinence Urticaria Uterine Bleeding Abnormal Uterine Prolapse VertigoHigh Blood Pressure

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies Spleen (right), pancreas (left), Liver, Kidney, frontal lobes, cerebellum, pons, spinal cord, sexual organs, raises the blood pressure, warms the extremities.
Disperses the Stomach and Intestines
Direct Effects:
Laziness, lassitude, heaviness; insomnia from fatigue; weakness of nerves and brain; contrariness (children), fear of visitors, timid; aged people, empty of energy
Cold of the whole body, or the limbs, or of the extremities
Yawning until the jaw dislocates.
Blood and circulation: (compare energy of Hegu, LI-4 and vitamin K - antihemorrhage), angina of the chest; atherosclerosis; hypotension; tonify. Hypertension: disperse; bleeding hemorrhoids: disperse; hemorrhages: disperse.
Genital system: women: all troubles of blood, insufficient menses, difficult conception, easy miscarriage: tonify (insufficient blood, excess energy). Profuse menses, easy conception, no miscarriages: disperse (excess blood, insufficient energy). Menses: delayed - if from weakness, anemia: tonify; if with fullness, pains, spasms: disperse. Menses too abundant, too prolonged, red discharge; metrorrhagia, mostly after confinement: disperse.
Menopause: all troubles, hot flashes, night sweats: tonify (and disperse Hegu, LI-4). After menopause: if obese, tonify; if rheumatic: disperse.
Leukorrhea: tonif.
Conception difficult, miscarriages easy: tonify. Paralysis of uterus, sterility: tonify (and disperse Hegu, LI-4).
Conceives too easily: disperse (and tonify Hegu, LI-4).
Confinement prolonged, difficult: disperse. After delivery, metrorrhagia: disperse; fainting: tonify.
Pains of the clitoris or vagina: disperse
Men: testicles, all trouble; penis pain, seminal losses: tonify; gonorrhea in the morning, urethritis.
Stomach: inflammation, thready saliva; bad digestion, painful or weak, insufficient.
Stomach and Intestines: chronic troubles.
Vomits water after meals, vomits mucus after drinking and with pain.
Intestines: abdomen swollen, full: pain, spasms, constipation; or dysentery; thick diarrhea from undigestedfood; bleeding hemorrhoids; cholera, cold of the extremities; beriberi; insufficient, empty gallbladder.
Spleen (right point) and pancreas (left point): insufficiency, waist swollen.
Liver insufficient and swollen .
Kidney: "way of the Kidney": disperse, five times in succession; urine insufficient, to the point of anuria; or incontinence: tonify; incontinence of children.
Hernia, intolerable pain under the umbilicus, urine stopped.
Parts of the Body
Cold of the extremities same side.
Back at the level of the scapula same side.
Lower limb mostly medial: cold flaccidity; or pain, contracture; anterior and inferior knee, pains; anterior lower leg, cramos: tonify; feet: cold, flaccidity, cannot walk.

Psycho-Spiritual Components

For very deep depression, when someone is desperate, wants to run away, "throw up" job, family and food, and can't stand it anymore. A person may say "I've reached my limit, I've gone as far as I can go." Nervous depressions, insomnia, fear, very deep depression, genuinely desperate and want to throw the whole thing in or run away from their work, family, etc.[JRW]
Links and binds the Yin, keeping the body and soul together Useful for chaotic states of mind, psychological dis-integration, and for people who's lives are unraveling. As an Earth point, affects the integration of mind and body, clarifying the receptive matrix. Often with St-36 for blood and digestion; with SP-9 for fluid metabolism and urination problems. Calms the mind by tonifying Blood and balancing the Yin [ALHIM]