si9.jpg Jian ZhenSmall Intestine 9 • 6.9.115
True Shoulder, Upright Shoulder, Shoulder Integrity.


Posterior and inferior to the shoulder joint. When the arm is adducted, the point is 1 cun above the posterior end of the axillary fold.

Point Summary

Expels Wind, Activates the Channel, Benefits the Shoulder, Alleviates Pain
local point for shoulder pain and ROM problems



0.5 - 1 cun


Puncture Perpendicularly



General Indications





Special Notes

often needled higher than the classic CAM location; can be found by palpating around lateral edge of scapula

Diagnostic Indications:

Arm Motor Impairment Arm Pain Arm Paralysis Deafness Jaw Disorders Scapular Pain Shoulder Disorders Shoulder Pain Tinnitus Toothache

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies thesmall intestine on the same side, gallbladder, posterior frontal lobes, longissimus dorsi to the lumbar area, posterior arm, glenoid articulation.
Disperses the liver, heart
Dispersing acts in the opposite way.
Direct Effects:
Headache and pain of the chin?
Opposite ear: buzzings? deafness?
Parts of the Body:
Arm cannot be put behind the back or lifted from the side.
Teres minor: contracture or flaccidity.
Scapulohumeral articulation: inflamed, rheumatism, ankylosis, pain.

Psycho-Spiritual Components

Rids body, mind, spirit of impurities. Treats all problems of the scapula area. Lack of movement in the shoulder, numbness due to wind. SI-9 and SI-10 clear out toxins on a physical level. [JRW]