si7.jpg Zhi ZhengSmall Intestine 7 6.7.113
Upright Branch, Branch to the Correct, Supporting the Truth.
Luo Connecting Point to HT-7.


On the line joining SI-5 and SI-8, 5 cun above SI-5.

Point Summary

Clears Heat, Calms the Spirit, Activates the Channel, Benefits the Finger Joints, Releases the Exterior, Alleviates Pain
local and used as a luo point



0.5 - 0.8 cun


Puncture Perpendicularly



General Indications


not used in TCM for anything but a luo point; wakes the spirit; calms heart and mind; strong point for mental emotional



Special Notes

Luo point

Diagnostic Indications:

Blurred Vision Dizziness Elbow Hypertonicity Emotional Lability Fear And Fright Fever Fever And Chills Fingers Ache Forearm Pain Hand Inability To Grip Firmly Mania And Depression Neck Stiffness Sadness And Anxiety

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies the small intestines, opposite mid-brain, opposite mid-height of the spinal cord; half-body, same side; hands, fingers.
Disperses the heart.
Dispersing acts in the opposite way.
Direct Effects:
Passage point between small intestine and heart (tongli, HT-5, to the small intestine). If excess: painful or contracted articulations; if insufficient: sties or warts.
Recoil of [energy from intense] feelings. From shock: emptiness, fear, emotional agitation, depression, sorrow, regrets. Debilitating decline of the nerves and brain. Hyperexcited apprehension, hyperexcited speech.
Florid diabetes (likes to eat, gets fat, thirsty): tonify.
Sties (on the eyelid), opposite: tonify. Face: miliary, little white pimples, opposite: tonify; warts: tonify.
Face easily congested: becomes red easily.
Parts of the Body:
Jaw and under the chin, opposite, (swelling, ains).
All stiff or contracted articulations, pain or spasms: disperse.
Posterior shoulder and upper limb (weakness).
Hands do not tighten, pain or contracture: disperse. Fingers: articulations (swelling, acute pain, either contracture or flaccidity): disperse.

Psycho-Spiritual Components

A branch is a connection, between the small intestine and the heart. The heart is the sovereign, the natural correctness and uprightness of our spiritual being. Unite the powers of the heart to small intestine – we cannot separate the pure from the impure, the true from the false, if we are not in alignment with our heart. Summoning aid from the central force, aligns us with our truth, increases heart integrity, conveys the intentions of the heart to the world. This point can be used with HT-5 to balance the heart and small intestine when heir pulse qualities are dissimilar. An inability to discriminate in matters of feeling and communication. A branch connects and separates heaven and earth. Gives support and balance to someone who leans to the side, when the head is not upright, the neck is blocked or has little rotation, or when the patient is not “in his head.” Affects the thyroid and endocrine systems. Headache, psychopathic apprehension, lack of secretions, digestive weakness, lack of energy, forearms and shoulders subject to spasm, inability to grasp or hold an object, not capable of bending or stretching, swollen throat, intermittent fevers, vertigo, extremely red face, crust on eyelid [JRW]

This is the luo point that adds connection, empowering the quality of communication between the heart as sovereign and its minister, the small intestine. Without this “upright” communication, the quality of the heart’s capacity to rule may suffer. This point supports the upright function of the small intestine in conveying the heart’s intention to the world. I have found this point useful for bitterness, frustration, and sarcasm that results when an individual feels that they are not being understood or truly appreciated. [LJ]

“Heart Correspondence.” The heart is the center, the truth, the natural correctness ad uprightness of our spiritual being. It is necessary to unite the powers of the heart with the small intestine. Zheng is the authenticity of the heart, the first principle and correspondence. Encouraging one to stand upright in oneself, receives the support of the heart in the process of making choices. Draws energy into the small intestine from the heart. As the alchemist would say, “To make gold, one must begin with gold.” If this connection is broken, there may be debilitating decline of the nervous system, hyper-excited states, insanity, fears, dizziness, shock (recoil of energy from intense feelings), emptiness, depression, sorrow regrets, SI-7 is good for building psychological balance and integrity. Has a calming effect on the emotions. [ALHIM]