Hou XiSmall Intestine 36.3.109
Back Ravine, Posterior Vale, Back Stream
Shu Stream Point.
Wood Point on Fire Meridian; Tonification Point
Master Point of the Du Mai


When a loose fist is made, the point is on the ulnar side, proximal to the 5th MP joint, at the end of the transverse crease at the junction of the red and white and skin.

Point Summary

Benefits The Occiput, Neck And Back, Activates the Channel, Expels Wind and Heat, Calms the Spirit, Clears Heat, Regulates the Governing Orficies, Treats Epilepsy, Clears the Sense Organs, Treats Malaria, Alleviates Pain
Stiff neck; GV master point; external wind; low back; mind; spirit; all kind of stroke problems



0.5 - 0.7 cun


Puncture Perpendicularly



General Indications


opens the GV (eliminating interior wind); clears the spirit and mind; relieves exterior; stimulate sweat; dispels wind heat; related to wei qi;


seizures; psychosis; mania; all kinds of sweating; stiff neck; low back pain (acute and chronic); tinnitus; deafness (meridian related); the strongest distal point on the SI meridian

Special Notes

master point of the GV; with BL-62 for low back pain; with GV-8, GV-26 for pain along the spine with difficult flexion and extension

Diagnostic Indications:

Arm Pain Deafness Eye Disorders Fever Finger Contraction Headache Lumbar Pain Malaria Mental Disorders Neck Pain Neck Stiffness Perspiration At Night Seizures Shoulder Pain Tinnitus

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies the small intestine, large intestine, gallbladder; raises the pulse of the governor vessel, dorsal spine cord same side, opposite brain, xinhui (GV-22), inferior posterior frontal lobes, cerebellum, spinal cord, lateral eye, opposite temple, muscles of the uper limb and hand extensors, triceps of the same side, opposite anterior and inferior limb, anterior opposite external arch, shenmai (BL-62)
Disperses the liver
Dispersing acts in the opposite way.
Direct Effects:
Command point of the governor vessel on the dorsal spine: Yang energy (physical and psychological weakness); does not recuperate quickly from fatigue, from a shock; tired or unduly depressed and for too long a time; cries easily; dream of narrow passages.
Or psychological or physical hyperexcitation, unduly hyperexcited for too long a time.
Heart: all problems of rhythm.Tonification point of the small intestine; does not like meat; bad digestion; borborygmus after fats or starches; abdominal swelling; grey or fatty stools; pancreatic diabetes.
Fever, chills and heat; seasonal, epidemic fevers; shivering and stiff nape (flu?)
Eye (medial side, same side, and external, lateral, same side): farsighted, congested, red eyes; acute headache; cold tears; eye forming a veil; cataract;keratitis; opposite external eyebrow; pain.
Opposite ear buzzing? Deafness?
Direct effects on urine; inverse effects on secretion.Pulmonary edema (congestion, suffocation in the middle of the night): tonify. (Increases urine, diminishes secretion). Bronchitis: tonify; tonsillitis.Kidneys and bladder: insufficient urine (abundance of saliva, sweat, mucus, etc.): tonify; abundant urine (weak secretions): disperse.
Tooth congestion, swollen cheek or throat: tonify opposite side; opposite teeth.
Parts of the Body:
Opposite neck and nape.
Opposite body or face: all external trouble; facial neuralgia or paralysis (ear and maxillary angle).
All the muscles of half the body; same side upper limb (posterior wrist, fingers, triceps, extensors). And (through T3) opposite side inferior limb, lower leg, external anterior arch; motor function of the extremities.
Opposite foot: external anterior arch; toes (extensors); tetanus.Through the governor vessel: weakened back, head tilted: tonify; stiff back: disperse. Heat in the middle of the back.
Head, vertex, medial nape: pain, stiff nape, cannot look behind; torticollis; eyebrows: neuralgia.
Begin with it for equilibrating top and bottom, motor function of the extremities. Equalizes urine ad secretions (insufficient urine with abundant sweat, mucus, etc.); red eyes, throat, cough. Pain in the eyebrows, teeth. Finish with shenmai (BL-62).

Psycho-Spiritual Components

Aids in the birth of new ideas and growth where there is stagnation. Here someone could be stuck, never maturing or sorting himself out but never changing. If the small intestine doesn’t develop, a person can be unable to give birth to new ideas, can be stuck in wood and never develop and mature, never sorting out life – transformation is not taking place. Useful on a mental level. Brings mental clarity and structure to the small intestine. The fire can be buried under ashes ad the small intestine can cease to perform its functions – depression down to the depths, can’t go on. Sedate this point if there has been too much growth and energy is running out as when a child outgrows its own strength. This point can bring a lot of energy into the meridian, as the mother point for fire. An imbalance of wood ad fire can cause instability and shut off any part of the body from the rest of the body (sight, hearing, articulation, etc.). If a stable mother influence is lacking you get instability, mental disorders, tremendous fears, night sweats, epilepsy, very bad digestion, greasy stools, deafness, hearing problems, epistaxis, pain in the forearm, slow recovery after shock or surgery, MS, paralysis. Also good for hearing difficulties. When used with BL-62 causes the release of ACTH ad sex hormones [JRW]

Support Structure. Directly affects the Yang of the whole body and the spine as the master of the Du mo, the wood point, and tonification point. There is a qualitative connection between the whole of the small intestine as the wisdom of the heart and the Du Mai as the individual and their uprightness. The Du Mai is one of the first and fundamental structures which develop in the body, serving as the foundation and focal point of neurological development, commanding the Yang aspect of the body and mind. The proper development of this channel and the spine are necessary for the body to serve as a vehicle for spirit. Our parents and role models establish much of what becomes the structure of our life, the background from which we discriminate what is important and what is not. An imbalanced small intestine has difficulty sorting things out for themselves, knowing what to believe in, or standing up for themselves. Wood is essential for fire. The quality of wood is important – we must be who and what we are. Stability requires balance; a deficiency here puts the whole structure in danger. If fire is buried under ashes, the small intestine cannot function; one may not be able to see what is happening, there may be a lack of effort to discriminate. These kind of people need shaking up to get them out of their stupor.