lu9.jpgLU9 Tai Yuan Lung 9
Great Abyss, Supreme Abyss, Great Deep Pool
Shu Stream Point.
Yuan Source Point.
Earth Point on Metal Meridian.

Toification Point.
Influential point of Vessels and Blood


At the radial end of the transverse crease of the wrist, in the depression on the lateral side of the radial artery.

Point Summary

Tonifies The Lung
Promotes Lung Descending Function
Regulates and Harmonizes the One Hundred Vessels
Activates the Channel
Transforms Phlegm

Alleviates Pain

source point; influential point for pulse; most useful for deficient lung problems; nourishes all aspects of the lung; for chronic and deficient problems; with BL-13, BL-23 and BL-43 for whole body boosting



0.2 - 0.3 cun


Puncture Perpendicularly.



General Indications


regulates the LU and stops coughing, usually with weak coughs; tonifies the yin and qi; transforms damp or dry phlegm, scanty phlegm due to deficiency (excess of LU-1 or LU-5); big LU tonifier


any LU problem due to deficiency; cold, weak deficient LU

Special Notes

shu stream; tonification point; earth point; yuan source point; influential point of the vessels or pulse; can be used to bolster a weak pulse; with BL-13, CV-6, BL-23 as a LU tonifier

Diagnostic Indications

Asthma Chest Pain Cough Coughing Blood Dyspnea Eye Disorders Forearm Medial Pain Headache Palpitations Respiratory Disorders Throat Soreness Toothache Wrist Joint Soft Tissue Diseases Wrist Pain

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies the respiratory passages, heart, vessels, aorta, mid-brain, spinal cord, external, opposite eye: [CV-7]
Disperses the Large Intestine, Kidney, Stomach
Dispersing acts in the opposite way
Direct Effects:
Tonification point (and source?) of the respiratory passages (from the nose to the lung). Atonic respiration; cannot breathe in the cold; cough from cold drinks; contracts the swollen respiratory passages; pains crossing the cest from breathing.
Throat, opposite: tonsils, cough, mucus, trachea. Bronchus: pain in the side. Or bleeding, spits blood. flabby respiratory muscles; emphysema; bleeding lungs?
Arteries, veins: reunion of the vessels (on the left: aorta, artero-scerosis; hypotension, rough pulse, decline of sexual energy and blood. Aorta: pain in the subclavicular hollow. Heart: weakness, pain.
Counterflow energy (nerve crisis, anger) "hyperexcited speech, viscous speech", insomnia from internal agitation, malaise; sometimes hot, sometimes cold; shivering from cold
Eyes: red, painful, congested, conjunctivitis, cataract, keratitis.
Dry throat: eructation and vomiting
Bladder: incontinence "without measure" through contractions (sphincter of the bladder relaxed) - disperse; atonic bladder (contracted sphincter), tonify. Urine: color changed by acid
Opposite effects:
Kidney - excess: tonify; insufficiency: disperse
Stomach - Large Intestine; opposite parotid; opposite salivary glands
Parts of the body:
The whole body on the same side.
Skin: "perverse" troubles of the skin
Nervous pains (from energy):; energy piercing the two breasts, pain spreading into the subclavicular fossa.
Chest and shoulder: pain. Line of the thumb on the forearm; pain.
Wrist: arthritis; thumb and palmar side of the index, muscles of the thenar area

Psycho-Spiritual Components

A great revival point. When there is a complete lack of order, replaces instability and chaos with nourishment, security and love. Use this point alone or before other treatments to clarify a diagnosis when pulses are not being rhythmical or regular. A tremendous point as it unites both the father and mother aspects within body, mind, and spirit. As the name indicates, it penetrates to the deepest level, spirit, through the breath of life (prana). The idea of a very great abyss plunging deep into one's internal landscape, reaching down to the most intimate levels of a person, indicates its efficiency when dealing with a very worried, desperate person. Has a wonderful effect on the mental level for the patient who feels their life is cracking up. Instability and chaos are replaced with nourishment, security and love. Mother earth source and tonification point. A profound point for connection between Lung and spirit, when a person is falling into an abyss - "Life is going to hell". There is mental chaos and instability. As a reunion point for arteries and veins- major effect on arteries and veins, particularly pulses which are not rhythmical or regular. Major effect on blood (circulation). Blood unites the body and spirit. This is supported by the Spleen/Earth whereas the state of metal (iron, hemoglobin minerals) within the blood affects the movement of spirit and life forces in the blood [JRW]

Impossible deep. Provides a spiritual journey to the depth of our being, a connection to the source [ALHIM]

w/ HT-7 for dissociation due to Trauma, PTSD, etc. [Grab both wrists at LU-9 and HT-7. Shake arms, swing arms back and forth and talk to them about what's going on NOW.