lu4.jpgLU4 Xia Bai Lung 4
Guarding White, Valliant White, Chivalrous White


The point is on the medial aspect of the upper arm, 1 cun below LU 3, on the radial side of the muscle biceps brachii.

Point Summary

Disseminates And Descends Lung Qi
Regulates Chest Qi And Blood



0.5 - 1 cun


Puncture perpendicularly



General Indications





Special Notes


Diagnostic Indications

Blotches Purple-White From Wind Cardiac Pain Cough Dyspnea Retching Shortness Of Breath Thoracic Fullness Upper Arm Pain

Problems of the heart organ. Shortness of breath; internal pains of the chest; pain in the medial aspect of the arm, nausea, melancholia. Cough, coughing fits; thoracic fullness, dry heaves [ALHIM]

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies the respiratory passages, Heart (upper valves), temporal and parietal lobes, automaton-parrot, opposite upper eyes, chest.
Disperse Bladder, Large Intestine opposite
Dispersing acts in the opposite way
Direct Effects:
Heart: valves, upper part, nervous palpitation; pain of the Heart, shortness of breath, internal pains of the chest
Coughing fits
Fits of dry vomiting

Psycho-Spiritual Components

This point is about the hero and the quest of the warrior. Like the knights ceremony and the vows taken by those who enter the spiritual way, it builds courage and strength through sanctification. A sword that cuts through illusion: courage, clarity and strength; purity and refinement. Epitomizes all that metal stands for. Like a source point to the first three points, it is a generalized spirit point. Wonderful for cleansing and supplements LU-3 with solidity and essence. Good for encouraging courage and quality. Use in spring for courage and quality. Affects the mental level more than the spiritual. Pureness of white, radiance of metal - heroic qualities which express the radiance of heaven and the richness of the mineral kingdom. Purity and refinement, cleansing and energizing. Metal point that protects the heart: cardiac pain, nausea, excessive perspiration, skin white and red, mouth dry, nervous palpitations, arthritis and rheumatism causing red joints. [JRW]

Enlightenment is not a static state. A person may see clearly what is the righteous thing to do - but the ability to do it reuires more than a simple knowing; it takes great courage to be a spiritual warrior. Strength comes from being in alignment with the truth, but often such truth places us in a position which is very challenging. Those who have proven their abilities will be called upon to accomplish great undertakings. If we wish to be used, we must first make ourselves useful. Te discovery of what is true comes through the recognizing what is not, and by choosing to live our highest possibilities. This work has two aspects: the first is to know, and what is more difficult - to be what we know. That which is unreal has no being; and that which is real never ceases to be. Wisdom is the ability to discriminate between them. What we believe about the world is based upon our experience, and when we allow the beliefs we have to determine what we aspire to thenwe are limited to what we have had in the past. This is how we create a future which is repetition of the past. Creation is a movement from the future in the direction of the present. We will become that which we wish to be, when we are able to live that way now. Life is not what we think it is - but it becomes what we think it is. There is no god but God. [ALHIM]

needling self prevents picking up negative energetic material from the patient.
Moxa on patient who is always picking up negative energetic material from others