ki7.jpgKI7 Fu Liu Kidney 7
Recover Flow.
Jing River Point on the Kidney Channel. Metal Point on Water Meridian.


On the medial leg, 2 cun superior to KI-3 on the anterior border of the Achille's tendon.

Point Summary

Benefits The Kidneys
Opens and Regulates the Water Passages
Adjusts Sweating
Drains Damp
Strengthens the Lumbar Region
Treat Edema
Resolve Damp Heat

think body fluids; dampness; edema; urinary problems; sweating; HT yin defic night sweats (HT-6)



0.5-0.7 cun


Puncture Perpendicularly



General Indications


tonifies KD yang; regulates body fluids and sweat; clear and cool damp heat; helps to metabolize fluids


leucorrhoea; any urinary problems; night sweats; OPI sweat or lack of sweat; low back pain; edema with SP-9; good for ankle edema;

Special Notes

tonification point; with LI-4 to promote or stop sweat; metal point on water meridian and thus may help with spontaneous sweating

Diagnostic Indications:

Abdominal Distention Borborygmus Diarrhea Dry Tongue Edema Fever Without Sweating Leg Muscle Atrophy Lumbar Pain Lumbar Spinal Pain Orchitis Perspiration Absent Perspiration At Night Perspiration Spontaneous Stool With Blood Stool With Pus Thigh Swelling Urinary Tract Infection Uterine Bleeding Abnormal