Shao Chong Heart 9 • 5.9.106
Lesser Surge, Little Rushing In, Lesser Pouring
Jing Well Point.
Wood Point on Fire Meridian.

Tonification Point (Mother)


On the radial side of the little finger, .1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail.

Point Summary

Calms The Spirit
Regulates Heart Qi
Clears Heat
Benefits the Tongue
Benefits the Eyes
Benefits the Throat
Revives Consciousness

extreme heat; loss of consciousness



0.1 cun


Puncture Perpendicularly



General Indications




coma; apoplectic hysteria

Special Notes

wood point on fire meridian and is tonification point, but not used as such; a jing well point and used more for that

Diagnostic Indications:

Cardiac Pain Dry Throat Heat In The Body Like Fire Mania And Depression Palpitations Pounding Of The Heart Syncope

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies the heart (ventricles), frontal lobes, all Yin meridians, governor vessel, opposite eye and ear, throat and tongue same side, extremities.
Disperses all the Yang meridians, particularly gallbladder and stomach.
Dispersing acts in the opposite way.
Direct Effects:
Psychological, physical and cardiac weakness.
Moments of weakness and discouragement; eyes dull, voice without timbre, exhausted face, drawn; grey fog, sensations of momentary weakness to the point of fear of fainting; weakness after fever.
Sadness, sorrow, without zest; fear, apprehension, anxiety; emotional agitation w/ trembling; children; emotivity with agitation.
Mind weak; dreams of smoke, fire, flames
Heart: tonification point, particularly the ventricles; weak heart, insufficient, easily tired; either slow (bradycardia), or nervous palpitations from weakness.
Opposite eye, opposite ear.
Tongue and throat on the same side; dry throat, thirst; swollen and painful larynx; abundance of mucus, weak lungs, pleurisy, coldness.
Sexual organs: offensive odor, white or red discharges with weakness of the heart or fever
Parts of the Body:
Intercostal neuralgia
Anterior shoulder and interior anterior upper limb, pain or contracture; palmar side of index finger and thumb; painful elbow, cannot be extended.

Psycho-Spiritual Components

This is the loving breast of the mother. It creates birth, growth, and determination for the body, mind, and spirit. Carrying wood to fire, allowing it to flow or pour in rather than rushing. The energy needs to come into the heart in the correct quantity. Controls the fueling of fire by regulating the amount of wood coming through. We must never have “a lot” rushing into the heart. If the heart is low seen as timid and unaware), be cautious about bringing in too much wood, putting the fire out. Gives fire the quality of birth, growth, and determination to get up and go. Brings a surge of energy into the meridian. A safe way to bring a little in. Deficient fire can manifest as sensation of coldness, expressionless voice, difficult speech, white or clear vaginal discharge. Excess fire can create cardiac conditions, palpitations, unsteady pulses, no clarity of vision, dry throat; anger, fearful dreams of fire, smoke, etc., “hot” vaginal discharges [JRW]

As the wood point, HT-9 may empower the heart’s capacity for vision. Trust involves keeping both the heart and the eyes open, and this point may unite the function of the Liver and the heart official. Hence, this point may empower the patient t look before the leap. Energy rushes into the heart meridian at its Jing (well) point. If the wood of the Liver burns in a way that generates excessive fire, the heart may become agitated and a sense of rushing may be evident in all manner of one’s expression. Conversely, if the fire is cut off from the vision of wood, the emperor may be joyless. Here, the patient wanders aimlessly like a leaf blown by the wind without the guiding light of the heart’s fire. As the wood tonification point on the heart meridian, I have found this point useful for harmonizing the relationship between the Liver and Heart officials [LJ]

This is a simple and profoundly symbolic representation of creation. Chong is a character formed by combining the radical for water with the picture of an arrow which runs through the center of a square. In ancient times this square was drawn as a circle, and it represented a target. Between the absolute source of all that is and this world we are living in, a correspondence is made manifest through the heart. The heart is the center of the universe, a tiny spark of the divine which exists in all life. The 361 points are a complete teaching, perfectly embodying all that we might need to know about being human. They are in fact the way we are created. Life embodies light. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. This point helps the heart remember creation. [ALHIM]