gv3.jpg Yao Yang Guan Governing Vessel 3 14.3.336
Lumbar Yang Pass, Barrier of the Yang


Below the spinous process of the 4th lumbar vertebrae, at level with the iliac crest.

Point Summary

Dispels Wind Damp
Strengthens The Lumbar Region And Legs
Regulates The Lower Burner


0.5 - 1.0 cun; Puncture Perpendicularly



Other Names:

Yang Guan: "Yang Pass"

General Indications

Special Notes

similar to GV-4, but not as strong - good yang tonifier, but rarely used because GV-4 is stronger, sometimes used as an adjunct to an impotence point prescription.

Point of Weihe: Hypericum Perfoliatum. All injured or attacked nerves, fingers or crushed toes, from operation; shingles, inflammation of the nerves; injuries of face and hand; attacks on the spinal cord; pain in the lumbar area, lower leg, fingers or toes, burns.

Diagnostic Indications:

Impotence Knee Disorders Leg Numbness Leg Paralysis Leukorrhea Lumbar Pain Menses Irregular Seminal Emissions Vomiting

Deadman Indications

-Inability to flex and extend the knee, pain of the outer aspect of the knee, wind painful obnstruction with numbness, contraction of the sinews, inability to walk, pain of the crotch and lumbar region due to taxation injury
-Seminal emission, impotence, white turbidity, disorders of menstruation, leukorrhea

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies the governor vessel, mid-brain opposite, lower limbs, knee, foot, all the nerves.
Disperses the large intestine, anus, sphincter of the bladder
Dispersing acts in the opposite way.
Direct Effects:
Nerves injured, fingers crushed, shingles, pains after operations, etc. Trouble and lesions of the spinal cord or coccyx.
Feeling of insects on the hands, face etc.
Lare intestine: weakness of the anal sphincter, diarrhea, inflammation of the intestines.Bladder: weakness of the sphincter of the bladder, nocturnal incontinence.
Parts of the Body:
All the nerves injured; fingers: pain.
Lumbar area: lumbar vertebrae painful lower limbs: weakness; knee (particularly upper medial part) pain; lower leg flaccid, without action; foot flaccid, toes flaccid, flexed or injured, painful.

Porkert Indications

Effects of Stimulation:
Compensating depletion in the lower calorium
All kinds of ventus-heteropathies: migrating pain, spasm and pareses affecting especially the lower extremities, difficulty in bending the knee.
Also pain in the coccyx.

James Tin Yau So Indications

Lumbago; neuritis or inflammation of the knees; premature ejaculation; cannot control the urine

Psycho-Spiritual Components

Passageway from loins to legs, for lower back problems affecting legs and knees, sciatica. This point regulates Yin and Yang and acts as an important joint or hinge that influences the backs motility. We can use this passageway to encourage the flow of discharges so that toxins can be eliminated. Remember that often a physical symptom is a reflection of a mental state. Many symptoms manifest on a mental level as well. When treating discharges, phlegm, mucous, diarrhea, etc get them to flow, even become greater, when the condition is righted they will stop themselves and rubbish will not be left in the body. A discharge is a fluid and this must flow. If it is too dry it will need more water to flow and eliminate the poisons. This point can be valuable for many women's conditions but particularly for all sorts of discharges. Good for vaginal discharge accompanied by mucous and phlegm. Treatment is not to stop it but to encourage its flow; treat the causative factor. For many women's conditions including being frightened of sexual intercourse leading to frigidity - problems with being receptive, no passageway for the Qi. With soreness, irritation of the genital area - look at the whole person. Is the woman fearful of intercourse, frigid, subjecting herself to it. Unless you address the mental aspect of the problems this area will remain uncured. This is a passageway of vital Qi energy. If it is not flowing through here there will be physical symptoms: the can't do this and that, low back problems, knees swollen and painful, person can't bend knees, varicose veins, cold feet, edema, mainly troubles in the lower part of the body and lower extremities [JRW]