gv20.jpgGV20Bai HuiGoverning Vessel 20
Hundred Meetings.
Meeting Point on the Governing Vessel with the six yang channels.


On the midsagittal line, at the intersection of a line connecting the right and left ear apices.

Point Summary

Expels Wind
Calms The Spirit
Raises Yang And Counters Prolapse
Benefits the Head
Strengthens the Seaof Marrow
Calms the Brain
Clears the Sense Organs
Subdues Yang
connects with brain; pulls things up; reunion of all yang; clears the mind; for LV wind; headache; high BP; forgetfulness



0.3 - 0.5 cun


Puncture Subcutaneously



General Indications


clears the senses; calms the spirit; extinguishes liver wind (as relates to vertex headache); stabilizes ascending yang (lifts yang up, lifts the spirit); clears strong heat in yang channels (point can resuscitate from loss of consciousness)


vertex headache; frontal headache from sinus congestion; dizziness; hypertension; insomnia; seizures (wind); prolapse (lifts energy up); hemorrhoids; diarrhea; vaginal bleeding; tinnitus; nasal obstruction and congestion; stroke; locked jaw; hemiplegia

Special Notes

all yang meridians cross here; often called the "elevator point" because it can bring qi up and bring qi down; often combined with SP points because the spleen holds things up as well; end of the liver channel

Actions: Stimulates pineal gland, Pacifies wind and subdues yang; Raises yang and counters prolapse; Benefits the head and sense organs; Nourishes the brain; Calms the spirit
Indications: Headache, heaviness of the head, dizziness, tinnitus, hypertension, hypotension, hemiplegia, opisthotonos, tetany, vomiting of foam, lockjaw, epilepsy, rectal or uterine prolapse, obstruction of the nose, nasal discharge, inability to taste food or drink, malaria, palpitations
Psycho-spiritual: Really pulls things together, you have access to ancestors that have knowledge and wisdom, you can incarnate the wisdom and essence of the point. When someone is fragmented; weakness and depletion, this point can pull everything together and then you can go and do your regular command point treatment. Clears the mind and lifts the spirit. Summons all of one's resources in restoring the order of heaven's mandate to one's inner kingdom of being. Aligns us with the polestar to which “all lesser stars pay homage”. It is the power of intention of visualizing the spirits that allow summoning and transformation of them into one body, an assembly of all under heaven.
Seizures, shock, insanity, uncontrolled weeping, forgets the past and neglects the future, strength of mind diminished from too many thoughts and worries, deranged mind, lack of mental vigor, disorientation, sadness and crying with desire to die, despondency, unable to articulate thoughts and feelings, hysteria with insomnia, troubled by fears at night, fright palpitations, mania, delusions, unconsciousness, weakness of the nerves, anemia of the brain, congestion of the brain, hyperactivity, disturbance of perception and movement, in the midst of crisis