gv1.jpg Chang Qiang Governing Vessel 1 14.1.334
Long Strong.
Luo Connecting Point to CV-1.
Meeting Point with the Conception Vessel.


Midway between the tip of the coccyx and the anus, locating the point in prone position.

Point Summary

Treats Hemorrhoids
Benefits the Two Lower Yin
Activates the Channel
Calms the Spirit

Alleviates Pain


0.5 - 1.0 cun; Puncture Perpendicularly



Other Names:

By meridian pathway
Zhang Qiang: "Always strong" or "surplus vigor"
Gui Wei Zhang Qiang: "turtle's tail constant strength"
San Fen Lu: "Gate of three divisions"
Cao Qi Lu: "Official current pathway"
He Che Lu: "River chariot pathway"
Shang Tian Ti: "Stairway to heaven"
Chao Tian Dian: "Facing the summit"
By effects on Qi
Long Hu Xue: "Cavern of Dragons and Tigers"
Qi Xi: "Qi Xi"
Qi Yin Xi: "Xi of Yin Qi"
Ji Gu Xia Kong: "Lower spine emptiness"
Qiong Gu: "Exhausted bones"
Wei Qiong Gu: "Exhausted bone extremity"
Di Shang: Coccyx and summit"
Wei Lu: "Tail Gate"
Gu Di: "Coccyx
Jue Gu: "Tail Bone"

General Indications

Special Notes

Luo point - KD, GB, and CV meridians cross with GV - helps with prolapse and spleen meridian can as well

Diagnostic Indications:

Anal Prolapse Clonic Spasm Consitpation Diarrhea Hemorrhoids Impotence Lumbar Pain Lumbar Spinal Pain Mental Disorders Sacral Pain Seizures Stool With Blood Tetany Urinary Dysfunction

Deadman Indications

-hemorrhoids, the five types of hemorrhoids, chronic hemorrhoids, difficult defecation, cold or damp (dong) diarrhea, blood in the stool, prolapse of the rectum
-The five types of painful urinary dysfunction, difficult urination, retention of urine, dark urine, sexual taxation, seminal emission due to fear or fright
-Pain of the lumbar region, heavy sensation of the sacrum, heaviness of the head, shaking of the head, stiffness of the spine, pain of the heart
-Mania, fright epilepsy, upward staring eyes, mad walking, tetany, clonic spasm, vomiting blood

Soulie De Morant Indications

When tonified:
Tonifies the governor vessel, spinal cord, medulla oblongata, superior occipital lobe, primate [po], sexual organs, eyes, heart, lumbar region.
Disperses the conception vessel, large intestine, anus
Dispersing acts in the opposite way
Direct Effects:
Passage point between the governor and conception vessels (to huiyin, CV-1). If excess: back, lumbar area and vertebral column stiff, heavy, sensitive. If insufficient: the head falls, he body is arched, the top of the head is sensitive.
Insufficiency: emotional agitation, fear, depression. Excess: hyperexcitation, meningitis; epilepsy? convulsions from cold?
Eyes: problems, bad vision, "does no look to the right," fault of accommodation?
Heart: pain?
Genital organs: men: non-erection, dreads sexual fatigue and cod food, seminal discharge, phagedenic chancre of the genital area, chronic blennorrhagia
Opposite Effects:
Anus: hemorrhoids, fissures, flowing fistula, pain, itching, "master point."
Large intestine: prolapsed rectum, serious diarrhea, diarrhea of bile, intestinal hemorrhages, or stool and urine difficult
Parts of the Body:
Pain at the top of the skull.
Children: fontanelle not closing.
Vertebral column and lumbar area: heaviness, stiffness

Porkert Indications

Effects of Stimulation:
Correcting depletion of the Yin, depletion of all levels and especially in the lower calorium and the renal orb. Restoring the flow of energy in the responding sinartery (!); harmonizing the intestinal orbs.
Disorders of evacuation: bloody stools, constipation, difficult micturition, hemorrhoids, prolapsed anus, eczemas on the scrotum, atrophy of the genitals, impotence; exhaustion due to sexual excesses;
also for starting or speeding up parturition; dazed head, tired looks, pain in the loins and the muscles of the back;
trepidation, panics, timidity, wavering gaze [schizophrenia]; raving madness, convulsions, epilepsy; spasms, pareses;
bloody expectoration, the desire for cold food;
open or sunken fontanel on infants

James Tin Yau So Indications

Lumbar area stiff; patient cannot bend forward or backwards; madness; urination and defecation difficult; hemorrhage of the rectum; prolapse of the rectum; piles; inflammation of the rectum; diarrhea; hernia; gonorrhea; spermatorrhea caused by fright; losing of the Yang; cramping of the penis; vomiting of blood; depression of the fontanelle area in child; convulsions and cramping; vision abnormal.

Psycho-Spiritual Components

A way of distributing heavenly energy to all the officials. The name refers to this point's role in giving strength and vitality to the whole spinal column and the Governor vessel. A very powerful point to enforce the total energy. To bring in energy from the heavens and resurrect the officials. For instability, lack of coordination, the person is completely distraught, feels like their going to blow their top. This point bring much strength to body, mind and spirit. Similar to GV-12, both give resolution to spirit. Gives vitality and strength, makes it available. This point resuscitates but also reinforces the total energy in the patient. Very good for MS, great with moxa. Junction point of the Conception and Governor vessels, use locally for weakness in the bottom of the spine, vaginal, uterine, and anal prolapse. Strengthens the lower back, if in terrific pain and rigidity you might sedate. The Governor vessel flows up the back midline and is all to do with the brain, cranial activity and spinal cord. The main function is strength, to direct, guide and support the Yang aspect. When there is Governor vessel deficiency a person has trouble doing things, expressing themselves; there may be weakness, coldness, tiredness, holding back. Person may be solid in Yin but useless in Yang, they collapse, can't stand heavy stress. Their Yang aspect needs support. This brings strength to the body/mind so use where there is instability, weakness, lack of coordination, impotence, frigidity, sterility, menstrual disorders, urinary problems, venereal disease, hemorrhoids and other anal troubles (prolapse, etc.) constipation, lack of fire and heat, particularly in the genital area and the low back area. Use moxa in the sacral area for lack of fire, to bring more strength and more warmth there. Remember the legs - if there is a lack of - "can't do this"... can't articulate, troubles in the knees, feet, ankles, etc. Point for low back pain (sedate) or ache (moxa). In Chinese medicine if there is trouble at one end you can treat the other, so you might consider this point if someone is going hysterical, completely distraught, having convulsions, as it pulls the energy down from the head. This is a type of junction point to get some balance between Yang and Yin. On a psychic level, this is a good point for extreme nervousness, for a person distraught, boiling over and insane. Is it because of too much pain, too much heat, or from debility etc. You can sedate if hitting out. If the person is witdrawn, cutting himself of from everything, then tonify [JRW]