gb34.jpgGB34 Yang Ling Quan Gall Bladder 34
Yang Mound Spring.
Hui Point for Tendons and Muscles.
He Sea Point.
Earth Point on Wood Meridian.


In the depression anterior and in inferior to the head of the fibula.

Point Summary

Benefits The Tendons
Activates the Channel
Spreads Liver Qi
Resolves Liver and Gallbladder Damp Heat
Harmonizes Shaoyang
Benefits the Lateral Costal Region
Benefits the Joints
Alleviates Pain

smoothes LV; damp heat; relaxes tendons; shoulder; very moving and good for sciatica and leg pain; body pain point



0.8 - 1.2 cun


Puncture Perpendicularly



General Indications


benefits LV and GB; promotes the smooth flow of LV qi; clears and cools LV/GB damp heat; relaxes and strengthens the sinews; sedates LV yang; very moving for the meridian


major point for musculoskeletal problems; controversial main point for frozen shoulder; important sciatica point; hepatitis; cholecystitis; causes GB contractions and can expel gallstones; hypertension (LV yang rising type); intercostal neuralgia; herpes

Special Notes

he sea; earth point; meeting point of muscles and tendons; with ST-38 needled toward GB-34 for frozen shoulder; with LV frequently and for hypertension especially; with ST-40 and LU-5 hot and damp conditions; with TW-6 for shingles (shao yang connection),

Diagnostic Indications:

Bitter Taste Chest Discomfort Constipation Facial Edema Gastric Disorders Hemiplegia Hypertension Hypochondriac Region Pain Jaundice Knee Disorders Leg Muscle Atrophy Leg Numbness Leg Pain Leg Paralysis Liver Disorders Sciatica Throat Constriction Urinary Incontinence Vomiting