ub43.jpgBL43 Gao Huan Shu Bladder 43
Vital Center Shu.


3 cun lateral to the GV meridian, at the level of the lower border of the spinous process of T4, on the spinal border of the scapula.

Point Summary

Tonifies And Nourishes The Lung, Heart, Kidneys, Spleen, And Stomach
Nourishes Yin
Calms the Spirit
Strengthens Original Qi
Transforms Phlegm

Clears Heat
"happy point"; exhaustion; weakness; supports yuan qi and jing



0.3 - 0.5 cun


Puncture Obliquely



General Indications


strengthens deficient conditions; supports original qi (GV-4, BL-23, CV-4 also); increases function of qi; supports ming men


for late stage chronic deficiency disorders; bronchitis; asthma; TB; neurasthenia (archaic - feeble, neurosis); general weakness caused by prolonged illness; consumptive diseases like HIV, pulmonary TB; poor memory indicating a weakened condition

Special Notes

"happy point"; "prevention point"; "cure of a 100 diseases"; said to connect to ming men; can be used with ST-36 (and even CV-4, GV-4) as a preventative point prescription;

Diagnostic Indications:

Asthma Cough Coughing Blood Memory Impaired Nocturnal Emissions Perspiration At Night Respiratory Disorders Seminal Emissions Stool With Undigested Food Weakness General