From Jin Ke Yu's "One Needle, One Treatment"
Acute Lumbar Pain: GV-26 - 2 cun needle punctured horizontally toward LI-20
Acute Optic Neuritis: GB-37 - perpendicular 1.5 cun, reduce, lift & thrust. retain 15-20 min.
Acute Pharyngitis: Bleed the most prominent vein in the back of the ear; Needle Ezhong (1/2 way from Yintang ->GV-24)
Acute Conjunctivitis: Bleed apex of the ear - 3-5 drops
Amenorrhea: BL-31 - 1.5 cun into foramen
Car/Air Sickness:An Mian 1&2 one side only
Cold Extremities: Needle the coccyxw/ large guage needle
Constipation: BL-54 - 3 cun deep toward perineum. retain 20 minutes. stimulate 1x after 10 minutes
Cystitis & Urethritis: TW-6 1.5 cun for 40 minutes. manipulate every 10 minutes
Dysmenorrhea: BL-31- with patient leaning on elbows / legs apart (so abd doesn't touch the table) slowly insert up to 1 cun into right sacral foramen. twist counterclockwise to maximum & hold. put the other hand on abdomen level with uterus w/out compression. contraction of the uterus should be felt. release needle tension, wait ~10 seconds until second stimulation
Enteritis: CV-8 needle .8-1 cun perpendicularly in & out
Epistaxis/Nosebleed: Pinch SP-1 & LR-1
Gastrointestinal Neurosis: PC-6, TW-5 - lift & thrust while gently kneading the abdomen
Headache: Press GB-20 & "Stomach Comfort Point" (between xiphoid process & 7th rib) - H/A should stop in 15 seconds
Hiccup: KI-1 - remove needles once hiccups stop
Hysterical Mutism: KI-1 - 1 side 3/4 cun deep for 3 minutes while talking to the patient, if no progress needle other side
Hysterical Paralysis: GB-30 - 3 cun deep toward genitalia , lift & thrust while reducing for 3 minutes until radiation then remove
Hysterical Spasm: CV-12 - 1.5 perp. until spasm stops
Impotence: pt. between C3-C4 - retain for 30 minutes, stimulating every 10 minutes OR cyccyx area
Insomnia: Plum Blossom Hua Tuo pts.
Intestinal Worms: BL-67 - needle on new moon, stimulate for for 1 minute, retain 40 minutes
Nervous Tension: Plum blossom Hua Tuo pts
Painful Hemorrhoids: BL-57 - insert 1.5 deep w/ quick stimulation until radiation to popliteal fossa. retain for 30 minutes, manipulating every 5 minutes
Smoking: Sweetbreath (1/2 from LU-7->LI-5) - retain 15-20 minutesthen insert GB-8 downward until pain then remove
Stiff Neck: PC-6 - manipulate while neck is moved then remove
Stomach Ache:Stomach comfort pt (between xiphoid process & 7th rib) on right side, mild lift & thrust, retain 30 minutes
Toothache: TW-2 - 1 cun oblique toward middle of carpal bones, obtain radiation then retain 40-60 minutes
Vertigo: An Mian 1&2 one side only
Vocal Chord Paralysis: PC-6 perp. up to 1 cun lift & thrust for strong stim for 5 minutes
Vomiting: Stomach comfort pt (between xiphoid process & 7th rib) on right side, mild lift & thrust, retain 30 minutes