sha_shen.jpg(Bei/Nan) Sha Shen (Glehnia) ["Northern/Southern Sand Root"]

Nature : Slightly Cool (Cold)
Flavors: Sweet, Slightly Bitter
Channels: LU, ST

Functions: Moisten the Lung and nourish Yin; Produce body fluid for the Stomach; Generates Fluids. Dissolves Phlegm. Helps moisten the surface (esp. nan, when worse in cold/dry, autumn)
Indications: Dry cough or cough w/ bleeding due to heat in the Lung w/ Yin deficiency
2. Dry mouth and thirst, constipation due to Yin deficiency in the Stomach [Nourishes Yin of HT, LU, SP, ST]
3. Restlessness and insomnia due to heat in the heart w/ Yin deficiency or heat in the nutritive level [worse at night]

Dosage: 10-15g.

Contraindications: cold and deficiency syndrome; not to be used w/ Li Lu

Nan Sha Shen: sweet, cool, slightly bitter, and entering Lung and Stomach.
Moistens the Lung and stops cough. For dry, non-productive cough. Enters the Lung to clear heat and expels phlegm. Esp. for difficult or stubborn expectoration of phlegm. can be used for exterior, lighter than bei, phlegm

Bei=most commonly dispensed, better at heat, heavier, dry cough.

Sheng Mai San (Generate the Pulse Powder) - Fright/fear/anger problems
[MB often uses Sha Shen instead of other 'shen' herbs]